This is how we do ASRM lemon massage, relieves Stress and Fatigue

This is twenty first century. Science has proven that massage is a very good therapy to stimulate the circulation of blood in the body, allowing the muscles to relax and reduce pain. In particular, when massaged, the body produces endorphin hormones that make women feel relaxed and happy.

Importance of Massage/Therapy

Long ago, massage has been recognized as one of the most comprehensive body care and beauty treatments, massage just relax to keep the shape, beautiful skin. You just need to spend some time daily massage will immediately see the effect with the waist more compact.

Reduce Foot And Legs fat

When the blood vessels under the skin are stimulated to function more vigorously, blood circulation easily, affect the metabolism, which helps breakdown fat, reduce the size of the legs.

Prevents fat buildup

Using the force of the hands on the abdomen, fat tissue heat up, not accumulation of fat and remove excess water out of the body. Faster breakdown of fat occurs more quickly and acts as a natural fat-suppressing agent
Helps firm skin

When you massage the skin is impacted constantly throughout the implementation. Once each cell, the abdominal muscles are more active than normal. The action stimulates skin regeneration, increase elasticity, strengthen the skin and prevent significant sagging caused by the aging process.

Therapy Helps Relieve Stress and Fatigue

The next  importance of massage is -it reduces stress and fatigue. Stress is common on human being. It is habitual and there is no medicine for that. It can be removed by one’s activities and habit, where therapy helps to reduce it to some extend. Human being work for survival and thus becomes tired and still. Therapy and massage help to reduce the fatigue. It is the main medicine for fatigue.

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