Coronavirus : U.S. will suspend all travel from U.K and other European countries

Attack of coronavirus is now worldwide. Spain announced a nationwide lockdown as France moved to close all nonessential businesses — including cafes, restaurants and movie theaters — in the latest testament to the coronavirus pandemic’s profound impact on daily life around the globe.

America will be banning travel from the United Kingdom and Ireland beginning Monday at midnight, Vice President Pence announced Saturday afternoon, bringing the total number travel-restricted countries to 28.

Donald Trump told reporters he was tested for the novel coronavirus Friday night, but did not reveal the results.
The chairwoman of the Republican National Committee also got tested after reporting symptoms and is self-quarantining.

Middle Eastern countries are closing their doors to outsiders and enforcing measures aimed at stemming the spread of the coronavirus, after deaths were reported across the region.
President Trump said the administration was considering domestic travel restrictions for some hot spots.
New York Archdiocese halts mass as houses of worship across the country suspend services.

As the fear of corona spread, Spain announced an additional 1,500 cases, emerging as a new hot spot with 5,753 cases nationwide, the second highest in Europe.

Israel significantly tightened restrictions on social activity in the country Saturday, barring gatherings of more than 10 people, closing the few preschools and kindergartens that remained open and all but ending “leisure activities” for an indefinite time.

In Israel Restaurants, movie theaters and other gathering places are to close, although “essential” business such as supermarkets, banks, pharmacies and gas stations are to remain open. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, speaking on television as families ended their Sabbath, said the country was determined to take every measure to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Now, Spain announces nationwide lockdown as coronavirus cases surge. The decision, announced by Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez in a televised address Saturday, means residents will be permitted to leave their homes only for essential reasons, including for medical appointments or to buy food.

UAE is known globally for its glitzy airport, extravagant malls and conferences, lucrative business dealings and high-end art, sports and fashion shows. But much of the tourism and hospitality industry that helps drive the natural gas-rich Persian Gulf state is shutting down, the government announced Saturday, as it rushed to prevent the further spread of coronavirus. The Louvre Abu Dhabi museum and Ferrari World theme park — will shut from March 15 to 31, Reuters reported.

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