How she rides bicycle without hands, watch this video.

Kethrein Moura is considered as a symbol of courage and inspiration. Kethrein is a Brazilian women. He has no hands but she has proved to live independent without hands like normal people. She said ‘never feel yourself weak thinking difficulties unless you do it.’  She has made impossible possible .

According to this brave lady many people ask her if she can do everything herself, when they say everything mean everything, from getting out of bed and brushing her teeth to showering after a long day at work. She says she have always been very independent, learning one thing at a time, with some difficulties, but with a lot of struggle. Only her faith was not enough to face the battles and only then could she win, facing.

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She learned to love her lion instead of killing one a day, with that the difficulties became her motivation, from stone to stone. Today she consider her victories, her castle. She love walking around field taking her horse. she loves pets. She does all daily activities like cooking, washing dishes, cleaning kitchen, making tea, washing clothes as like normal people.

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She did not care about the tumbles and stumbles, that was what made her rise and try again, as the song said, “Do not say that victory is lost if it’s battles that one lives in. She believe on try try again. people who watch her videos in social media praise her courage. The videos showing her ride on horse, video in swimming pool and the way she ride bicycle without hands are really unbelievable.

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