Inter-caste love affairs ends in killing of 3 youths including boyfriend

Kathmandu. The clash due to inter-caste love affair has  resulted in killing of 3 people.. The bodies of three missing youths have been found.  Clash was between the the villagers and the youths  who went to pick up the girl of Malla caste in Rukum West Chaurajahari Municipality-8. The whereabouts of the four missing youths are still unknown

According to the police, 19 people had gone to pick up the girlfriend of 21-year-old Nawaraj BK of Bheri Municipality-4 of Jajarkot. The bodies of Nawaraj BK of Bheri Municipality-4 and Tikaram Sunar of Chaurjahari Municipality-1 and Ganesh Budha of Bheri Municipality-4 have been found during a clash between the villagers and the youths in Soti. The bodies of Sunar and Vik were found on Sunday while Ganesh’s body was found on Monday. Sanju Vik, Govind Shahi, Lokendra Sunar and Gopal Budhathoki of Bheri Municipality have been missing since Saturday.

Media collecting news about this incident mention that the people from the girl’s side disagreed to give their daughter since she was the girl from upper caste family and the boy was found to be lower caste family. The community is old-fashioned community who believes , they should not marry to the lower caste people.

According to Thak Bahadur KC, Deputy Superintendent of Police, District Police Office, Rukum West, 12 locals including Dambar Malla, Ward Chairman of Chaurjahari Municipality-8 have been arrested. Ashish Vik and Saroj Vandel, who were injured in the incident, claimed that villagers had hurled stones at them.

Samajwadi Party’s state president Ashok Kumar Yadav issued a statement on Monday demanding proper compensation to the family of the deceased youths and legal action against those involved in the incident. He demanded to investigate the incident and declare the deceased youth a martyr of the Cultural Transformation Campaign.

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