NATO quick response forces intervene

NOBLE JUMP 2017 – NATO RF and VJTF. More than 4.000 troops involved (2.000 dispatched to Romania within days) from US, UK, Norway, The Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Albania.


– The fictitious scenario involves an enemy army that invades Romania. NATO quick response forces intervene…

1. Norwegian scouts and Spanish snipers stake out an enemy outpost

2. Romanian Special Ops storm the place

3. RAF Typhoons and RoAF F-16 establish air supremacy

4. RoAf MiG 21 LanceR bomb enemy lines and RoAF IAR 330 Puma helicopters attack enemy positions

5. The enemy counterattacks with artillery and enters the field (targets)

6. A norwegian mobile radar battery is dispatched to aquire the enemy firing positions

7. Romanian and Polish armoured vehicles and anti-tank infantry enter the field

8. US AH-64 Apache attack helicopters are called in

9. Polish armoured infantry fighting vehicles and Romanian battle tanks chase the enemy while the Apache Helicopters provide cover fire

10. Romanian paratroopers drop in to secure the field



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