Rima Biswakarma speaks about her marriage

Rima Biswakarma is a nepali actress and and media person. She is living her life independently. She had divorced her husband Robert Biswakarma only two years ago, but now some ask Rima about her marriage. Rima is truely loved by her audiences and followers. She is also a good program presenter.

Rima’s only answer to those who ask questions  anout her next mariage  is, ‘I have not thought about marriage yet.’ Rima told the media that she had once married and wanted to live. ‘How much do you think about doing a second time? ”, Rima’s answer is clear, she is not planning to get married right now.

It is clear from Rima’s words that ‘ single life rocks’ . According to her real  happiness is when we are single. Rima said ‘if it is to depart after meeting in life, it is better to not to meet such who play the fake role in love’. Rima has become a sample of bold and independent woman for all nepalese women. According to her ‘One should struggle by himself to make his life meaningful’. She has also presented as a host in popular reality show like, Nepal Idol, Comedy champion and many more. But far more Rima is known as a good actres in the country.

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