Samsung Galaxy note 20 : Price, features and release date

We see Samsung’s flagship phones taking a big leap forward this year with the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, and that could continue with the highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 20. Like this year’s upgrade to the Galaxy S series, the next Galaxy Note phablet could be a major step up from last year’s models, with some key display and camera improvements that could make one of the best big phones even better. And based on recent rumors we’ve heard, you won’t have to wait very long for the Note 20 to arrive.

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra might be the company’s top smartphone, but a performance leak for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus shows it could be the Android phone to beat.

Samsung isn’t expected to launch two models of the Note 20 until later on in 2020, on Geekbench a Samsung device codenamed ‘SM-N986U’ has popped up. As the Note 10 Plus 5G used SM-N976U as its model number, logic dictates this new model number could refer to the Note 20 Plus.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 release date will almost definitely be towards the end of 2020, based on precedent, but but with the launch of the Galaxy S20 phones it’s the next exciting launch expected from the company.

Note 20 Plus. The price scheme has become pretty standard for top-tier flagship phones. It’s likely that Samsung’s flagship phones will come with 5G capability across the whole range – the Snapdragon 865 chipset is expected to be at the heart of the almost all 2020 flagship Android phones, and Qualcomm’s new chipset is coupled with a 5G modem.

That brings up an issue for all 5G phones in 2020. The Note 10 Plus 5G was sold by Verizon in the US for $1,299 (around £974 / AU$1,888), so we’d expect a higher-than-normal pricetag for any 5G-capable version of the Note 20.

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