why my tiktok live is banned?

Your tiktok account may have violated their guidelines If you have been banned on Tiktok from doing live broadcasting,

Tiktok is fastest growing social media and is known for having very tight rules put in place when it comes to going live on the app, that  sometimes result in Tiktok banning users for no apparent reason if they have been misinformed, or the algorithm has experienced a glitch.

You must be of age 16and above, and have the minimum 1000 followers in the account to be able to go live. Now-a-days live streaming on tiktok is getting popular and many users have earned nice revenue from live streaming.

Let’s talk about few reasons  why we get banned from live streaming;

Reason 1.  underage content that don’t comply with the minimum age limit.

Reason 2. Threatening practices in your broadcasts or Illegal  stuffs

Reason 3. Arguable topics that could create animosity between viewers.

Reason 4. Plagiarism

Reason 5. Excessive profanity during a live stream.

Above mentioned five are the main reasons why you get banned depending on what was included in your live video. Besides, there can be other reason.

Many creators are reporting that they have been banned for no reason at all, which could be a result of;

– viewers reported your broadcast maliciously for breaching the guidelines

-Incorrect moderation Of Tiktok staffs

-Child entered your live stream

– Flagged content

Is Tiktok ban permanent?

Tiktok live bans can be temporary or permanent. Ban will not be lifted after a couple of days if you have been permanently banned . As a result you cannot go live. You must appeal and see if you you can get approved to live stream again.

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